Crepes for Breakfast at the Captain Freeman Inn

Sweet crepes with mascarpone and lemon curd

Sweet crepes with Mascarpone and Lemon Curd

I have always loved a good crepe and have fond memories of my mother making them for breakfast and serving them hot with our homemade raspberry jam……the tradition continues at the Captain Freeman Inn. We serve both a sweet and savory version during our two week menu rotation in the summer months.

This morning we served the sweet crepe that was filled with a very thin layer of Lemon Curd and Mascarpone cheese. On the side was plenty of our homemade raspberry jam that is made from the raspberries grown in our patch at our sister property, Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa. Many guest like to have a protein with their breakfast meal so we offered our very special fresh Hickory smoked Bacon and eggs any way you like.

Buckwheat Crepes

Buckwheat Crepes

Our savory version is made with a little bit of buckwheat. We serve that with an over easy egg (or any way you like them) The savory crepe has gruyere cheese and black forest ham. The cheese is also melted on the top……ummmmmm, what a yummy combination!

Here’s to breakfast dining at the Captain Freeman Inn!

To Jenn with love

By Donna Cain (Innkeeper and Mom)

Jenn and Darin having fun after the ceremony

Jenn and Darin having fun after the ceremony

Our darling sweet daughter, Jennifer  was wed on Cape Cod a few weeks ago. Every detail of the wedding was perfect and master photographer, husband Byron, caught some great memories.

So you might ask why to “Jenn with love” as a title on an inn’s blog. I recently wrote a blog on Brewster by the Sea to our daughter April about gardening. I chose the title for both blogs remembering an old song called “To Sir With Love”. There is nothing to match the love of a parent to a child, and this past weekend was especially sweet for me in that I saw Jennifer happy. She married a lovely southern gentleman, Darin and I will forever remember the look on both of their  faces during the touching ceremony….it just spoke I love you with all my heart!

Blessings on the beach by Faith Lavender

Blessings on the beach by Faith Lavender

Since we have two inns in Brewster, Brewster by the Sea and the Captain Freeman Inn we were happy to host many of Darin’s friends and family. It was a lovely gathering of childhood and college friends along with family that traveled from the mid west to be with Jenn and Darin on their special day.

Darin's lovely family

Darin’s lovely family

College friends. Our son Nathan was adopted into the pack.

College friends. Our son Nathan was adopted into the pack.

Also special for Jenn was that her family from Florida  were able to come and join in on all of the fun.

Loved ones from Florida

Loved ones from Florida

When we were planning the wedding, both Jenn & Darin wanted their guests to experience all that Cape Cod is about, so it seemed a natural to have a clam bake back the inn. We also rented a trolley to take us down to the beach. Even our dog Harrison loved the ride.

Harrison on the trolley

Harrison on the trolley

The clam bake was catered by Mac’s Seafood out of Wellfleet. They did a great job and everyone enjoyed the “lobsta” , Cape Cod clam chowder and clams.

Jenn enjoying a fresh steamed lobster

Jenn enjoying a fresh steamed lobster

We had a lot of fun decorating the inn for the special event. Jennifer is very creative and preplanned some lovely table arrangements. We also timed the wedding to coincide with when the hydrangeas were in bloom at Brewster by the Sea. The morning of the wedding all of the girls gathered to pick hydrangeas and to arrange the lovely bouquets….so much fun

Flower arranging at Brewster by the Sea

Flower arranging at Brewster by the Sea


All of our immediate family stayed at Brewster by the Sea and I just love this photo of our three wonderful kids (plus Matt, April’s husband and our new son-in-law Darin)

Our precious family!

Our precious family!


I was also so touched that many dear friends and family came from far and near to join us on this special day. Only sad part of the day was that our Nanna was not up to going to the festivities. She is OK now and Jenn and Darin went to visit here after the ceremony.

And so my sweet Jennifer, I wish you and Darin many many years of happiness and good health. Know that I love you with all of my heart. Mom

I love you kiss

I love you kiss

p.s. Thanks Byron for all of the great shots.

Photographer Byron

Photographer Byron

Washing away the cob webs

As innkeepers on Cape Cod, we are blessed to meet the most wonderful people. Our guest blogger, Catherine, has been visiting us every spring for many years, and we always look forward to our visits with her. She is a remarkable lady who really appreciated the natural beauty of Cape Cod. The picture below was taken by our resident photographer at our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast, Byron and represents all that Catherine pens about in her blog. Thank you Catherine for sharing parts of your visit with our readers.

Cape Cod sunset

Cape Cod sunset

Guest blogger, Catherine Lombardozzi

June 7, 2013 by cmtl

“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.”
~ Dee Hock

Experts say that taking time off allows your mind to process all that you’ve been cramming into it, and to noodle through some of those nagging questions you haven’t had time to ponder. So when I go on vacation, I try to leave plenty of space for good old-fashioned vegging out – and a rainy day is a perfect excuse to do just that. Of course, sunshine is a good excuse for it as well, which the last several days have proved! But for some reason today felt like a true veg day.

I think everyone on the entire east coast got something of a drenching over the last few days as a front comes through bringing up remnants of tropical storm Andrea. I managed to squeak in a long walk on the beach this morning – a little cool and breezy, and occasionally drizzly, but peaceful nonetheless. I headed down the road a bit to walk on Paine’s Creek Beach. The storms over the last few years have changed the contours of the beach a bit – the parking lot is completely gone and the homes along the beach seem a lot more exposed than before.

Paine’s Creek Beach.
001 009 026

After the long walk, I stopped to browse at the Brewster Bookstore and eat some lunch at the Marshside restaurant. Afterwards, I took a drive for a bit to indulge my real estate envy.

The rain came in earnest by mid-day so I spent the afternoon reading on the porch. It was chilly, but I made it cozy with my light jacket and a throw blanket fashioned from a beach towel. Today, I finished Zig Zag: The surprising path to greater creativity and made additional progress on Networked: The new social operating system – both interesting reads that gave me lots to ponder.

All you need for reading – a comfy spot and a restful view.

046  043

046 043

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”
~ Robert Orben

I’ll be leaving the Cape tomorrow all rested and refreshed. Between the stunning beach walks, the stimulating reading, and rain to clear away any lingering cobwebs – I would call this a successful vacation so far. I have another treat in store visiting the Connecticut Lombardozzi’s overnight on Saturday, extending my vacation for one more day.

I’m hopeful the rain will break early enough to allow for one more long beach walk. That would be icing on the cake!

“Total physical and mental inertia are highly agreeable, much more so than we allow ourselves to imagine. A beach not only permits such inertia but enforces it, thus neatly eliminating all problems of guilt. It is now the only place in our overly active world that does.”
~ John Kenneth Galbraith

Captain Freeman Inn on Cape Cod receives Certificate of Excellence award from Trip Adviser

Certificate of Excellence 2013
We are thrilled and delighted to learn that the Captain Freeman Inn on Cape Cod is the winner of the  2013 Certificate of Excellence award.
Captain Freeman Inn

Captain Freeman Inn

This prestigious award, which places you in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor, is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers.
We purchased our Cape Cod bed and breakfast 2 1/2 years ago and have been busy restoring and updating this beautiful sea captain’s home. This summer is especially rewarding for us in that all of the common areas and guests rooms have been redecorated and/or  remodeled creating an upscale yet relaxed atmosphere where “fine lodging is in the details”
Come and see what all of our guests are raving about on Trip Adviser.

Former Guest of the Captain Freeman, Suzy Brooks makes headlines

Suzy Brooks, third grade teacher.

Suzy Brooks, third grade teacher.

“Class Act” was the title of the headline of our local newspaper this morning. When I glanced over the headlines I knew the face looked familiar but I did make the connection that Suzy Brooks and her husband had stayed with us for our French cooking school at the Captain Freeman Inn.

Suzy was one of five teachers nationwide to receive the national award recognizing her social media savvy in the classroom. The third grade teacher at Mullen Hall School in Falmouth has more then 12,000 followers on Pinterest, where she shares teaching strategies, links, tools and suggestions. Add to that 600 friends on her professional Facebook page and more than 3,000 twitter followers, and it’s no wonder her fellow educators call her a social media rock star.

Congratulations Suzy!

New breakfast chef at the Captain Freeman Inn

Breakfast chef at the Captain Freeman

Breakfast chef at the Captain Freeman

We are thrilled and delighted to have Nick Caplice as our new breakfast chef at the Captain Freeman Inn. Nick brings a wealth of experience having tenured under 3 Best Chefs of America, including Anthony Silvestri of the Ocean House Restaurant, Toby Hill of Pain D”Avignon Bistro and Bakery and currently Lyric Restaurant and Nick’s present employer by evening, Ruth Manchester of the Bramble Inn. He attributes all of his professional inspiration to these three wonderful Chefs.

The timing could not be more perfect in having an experienced chef in our commercial kitchen at the inn. This past winter we reinvented our breakfast menu to include wonderful new additions such as a rustic pear tart as a yummy morning appetizer to enjoy with your coffee or tea-

Rustic pear tart

Rustic pear tart

and a Huevos Rancheros savory breakfast

Huevos Rancheros with Eggs

Huevos Rancheros with Eggs

and a delicious farm to table Red Pepper Fritatta with sausage, just to name a few!

Red Pepper Fritatta

Red Pepper Fritatta

Nick’s background is primarily as a cook, and he is thrilled and delighted to try his hand at the inn’s baking needs. Every afternoon he whips up a wonderful treat for our afternoon repast. Today’s treat included some delicious Pecan Tassies.

Pecan Tassies

Pecan Tassies


Nick was born on the Cape in Marston Mills and enjoys spending time with his darling one year old daughter, Lily. Her picture can be found in the front of his recipe book, and he smiled in telling us that she is his motivation in life!  Ahhhh, what a great Dad!

His friendly smile, talent in the kitchen and his quiet demeanor are a wonderful addition to our Captain Freeman Inn and Brewster by the Sea family.

Mystery Ride to Cape Cod at the Captain Freeman Inn

Guest blogger, Suzy Brooks

We recently had a wonderful gathering at the Captain Freeman for our Provence Cooking School. My husband and I enjoyed a lovely dinner afterwards (where we get to eat all of the delicious food made in the class) with a lovely couple that joined in on the festivities. Their family has a wonderful tradition of creating mystery trips for their kids. This trip was a surprise for Suzy and when we heard she loves to blog about their “Mystery trips” we anxiously awaited her post. Thanks Suzy for sharing on our blog.

The post below along with the great pictures was written by Suzy Brooks.

Mystery Ride

Posted April 20, 2013 By Suzy Brooks

“A Mystery Ride? For ME?” After years of planning Mystery Rides for my children, husband, family and friends, the day had finally come… Mr. Brooks had just announced to me that he was planning a Mystery Ride to celebrate my birthday.  I truly couldn’t believe my ears, and instantly my excited anticipation began to grow.

What is a Mystery Ride, you ask?  That’s a good question!! Mystery Rides have been part of our family fun since ten years ago when we tried to spring a surprise Disney Trip on our kids. We were in Boston when they confusedly demanded to know what we were up to. We took pity on them and excitedly announced we were going to Disney World!  Their reaction was less than happy, and in fact, one child (who shall not be named) dissolved into a puddle of tears, demanding to go home.  It was on this Pillar of Joy our Mystery Rides were founded.  Since then, we have been whisking each other off on surprise trips to Hither and Yon, with mixed results along the way.

The trip that launched a thousand Mystery Rides: Florida!

Through the years, our Mystery Rides have run the gamut:  from simple (Kite flying in Newport) to complex (an April vacation spent at Six Flags) and from unsuccessful (a hike on a hot day) to awesome (a historical trip to Boston).  All rides have the same common denominator – the Ride Recipient has no clue what the plan is.  Questions and guesses are encouraged and welcome, and are fired off at every turn of the steering wheel.  However, the answer is always the same.  No matter what we are asked, we always answer with:

“That’s a good question!”.

Here’s a peek at a few (oh, okay – a BUNCH) of our past trips:

A heated, historical hike. This one was a flop!

Hanging out with V.B. from Fox 25 News. He included the kids in his broadcast.

High atop the Custom House in Boston

Matfield Maple Farm, where we learned all about Maple Syrup!

Basketball Hall of Fame & Six Flags on this Ride!

A day in Newport, RI

Waterfire in Providence, RI

The Urban Art Bar in Boston

Ghost Tour with our favorite Freedom Trail Tour Guide, Jeremiah Poope

Another fabulous day in Boston. Quack, Quack!!

International Auto Show

5 Wits at Patriot Place

A Mystery Ride for 40 grown-ups!!

A van full of Mystery Riders :)

I bet by now you are wondering where Mr. Brooks brought me on my Mystery Ride, right??  That’s a good question! Unfortunately, due to all the storms we had this winter, my Mystery Ride was cancelled.  Twice.  It was nearly two months later before we were able to get rolling!  But, the day finally arrived, and we were off!  We headed down Cape, and after many incorrect guesses on my part, around noon we arrived at the Captain Freeman Inn in Brewster.

The Captain Freeman Inn, Brewster

The smile on my face began to broaden as we checked in and our host asked if we were here for the Cape Cod Culinary Cooking School. Cooking school?? Yaay!  Mr. Brooks finally filled me in.  We were here for a French cooking class, along with some other guests at the Inn.  We would be working in their commercial kitchen to prepare a meal with Chef Carol, and later on, we would be enjoy our creation for dinner.  I couldn’t wait to get started!

Putting the finishing touches on the fresh fruit tart.

All finished!! Would you like some?? YUM!

Salad Nicoise with fresh tuna. Delicious!

I have to say it was well worth the wait.  Innkeepers Donna and Byron have a beautiful inn, and provided such a memorable experience for all of their guests.  Arriving there was a wonderful surprise, and truly worthy of the Mystery Ride title!

I think Mystery Rides have become so ingrained in our family tradition because of the side effects…  For those of us planning a Mystery Ride, we have the opportunity to plan with the receiver in mind.  It is fun to surprise others and it makes for playful interaction.  As a recipient of a Mystery Ride, we learn patience, trust, flexibility and geography!!  Joy is in the anticipation, and with Mystery Rides, our anticipation is even higher than when we plan typical family outings.  I hope to keep planning Mystery Rides for years to come, and having one planned just for me was SO fun!!

Ride on,