About Our Inn

During the late 1800′s Brewster was home to more deepwater sea captains than anywhere else in America. Our lovely and historic Inn was built in 1860 by Captain William E. Freeman, one of most famous of the many Brewster sea captains. His family can be traced back to the earliest British settlers in the “New World,” and he, his parents and his grandparents are all buried here in Brewster.

Generations of seagoing entrepreneurs created a fortune that allowed Captain Freeman to build not only this beautiful Victorian style mansion but also dozens of ships that plied the China trade routes, increasing his fortune even more. His house is located right by Breakwater Beach, which used to be the site of the packet ship landing and the center of commerce in this prosperous sea faring town. Sea salt produced at the salt works here on the bay was transported to Boston, where it was shipped and traded around the world by Captain Freeman and his contemporaries. When the packet ships returned, they brought both the sea captains and their bounty from around the world home to the landing.

Captain Freeman actually brought many of the materials featured around this property home with him from Europe, including the Italian carved plaster ceiling medallions and the marble fireplaces. He even designed much of the architecture himself, such as the inlaid herringbone floors. We have a display case in our parlor containing some of the Captain’s personal possessions and papers, given to the very first Innkeeper by his daughter.

Since Byron and Donna Cain purchased The Captain Freeman Inn in January of 2011, they have lovingly renovated and restored the space to accommodate 22 guests dining on gourmet breakfasts, lounging on a plush leather sofa and sleeping on fluffy pillow top mattresses. It has quickly climbed to one of the best Inns in Brewster as we continue to alter it to suit our guests needs. We highly recommend you come by for a visit so you can see what we’ve done first hand!

2 thoughts on “About Our Inn

  1. Hi,

    I just wondered where the name”The Captain Freeman Inn” originated from.I have a personal reason for asking as my father was Captain Rudolph Freeman and sailed all over the world.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Marise!

      The Captain Freeman Inn is named after our famous first inhabitant, Captain William Freeman. Like your father, he sailed all over the world and was a very prosperous 19th century ship master. On another note, after seeing your last name I feel I should also tell you that Captain Freeman’s mother’s name was Martha Simonds. I know it’s spelled differently than your last name, but it seemed like too much of a coincidence not to mention it to you. Perhaps you can come and visit us sometime to see if your family is related!

      Best Wishes,
      Shannon Lane, Innkeeper

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