Accolades for the Captain Freeman from travel writer Kim Grant

by Donna Cain, Innkeeper and owner

Cape Cod Explorer's Guide

Cape Cod Explorer’s Guide

Kim Grant, writer of the Cape Cod Explorer’s Guide recently published her 10th addition which included huge accolades from the writer about the Captain Freeman Inn.

Captain Freeman Inn on Cape Cod

Captain Freeman Inn on Cape Cod

Quoted in the Explorer’s guide by Kim Grant “this former gem has been resurrected with aplomb. Sitting proudly on the town’s oval-shaped green and next door to the iconic General Store, the inn would do it’s namesake proud. Each of the 11 guestrooms are oh-so tasteful and tranquil. Some are distinguished by luxurious baths; other by private porches. Even the most humble (what they call boutique rooms) might make other innkeeper’s envious”

Brewster General Store

Brewster General Store

Thanks Kim for the great review of our inn.

Exhaling on Cape Cod and feeling very blessed to be the stewards of this lovely building on Cape Cod.

Sunset at Breakwater Beach

Sunset at Breakwater Beach

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